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Right The 1st Time 

We are an EMPLOYEE-FIRST organization, we are committed to improving their lives so they can make a difference and improve the lives of everyone we encounter: co-workers, customers, family, and friends.  THEREFORE, these CORE VALUES dictate our company policies and whom we do business with, whom we hire and fire, and how we spend our valuable resources:


  • People over profits – The law of prosperity begins with giving. Every decision we make gets made with our “people first” / “employee first” values.  

    • Our prices reflect the level we value our employees

    • Our benefits, rewards, and recognition reflect the love and appreciation our staff deserves

    • Our operations reflect our employee-first approach to business

  • Safety over expedience – every decision is made with our “safety first” and  “employee-safety” lens.

    • We don’t clean when road conditions are not safe

    • We don’t climb on high ladders, enter a home with unsafe pets, or perform safety-risk requests

    • We decline to work with clients who are a threat to body, mind, and soul

  • Quality we charge what we’re worth and we’re worth what we charge

    • Employees who won’t deliver 5-star service consistently to our customers are invited to leave, quickly.

    • Employees who won’t be a 5-star team member consistently will be invited to leave, quickly.

    • Employees who take shortcuts, cheat quality, and don’t value their own reputation above profits, are invited to leave, quickly

  • Care Our “treat others how we want to be treated” approach to business is demonstrated by providing consistent service to clients and caring for others.

We proactively look for ways to “WOW” our clients, co-workers, and strangers – and recognize and reward these behaviors openly and often

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