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Electrostatic spraying kills germs, viruses, and bacteria everywhere.

Reaches every nook and cranny. A coating of disinfectant from an electric charge covers every square inch of a surface. This deep-cleaning method is massively advantageous as a sanitizing process. The liquid is attracted to the surface of desks, boardroom tables, chairs, toilets—really everything—which causes a full coat of liquid on the surface. (Because electrostatic spraying is not a method for removing dirt and stains any soiled surfaces are first wiped clean.)

Electrostatic spraying is particularly helpful in aligning with COVID-19 prevention guidance. The corona pandemic has dramatically impacted life in offices, hotels, restaurants, clinics, hospitals, schools, kitchens, and other commercial spaces. Deep cleaning is going to be an important and ongoing part of conducting business now and in the future.


Additional Electrostatic sprayer benefits

· Timesaving: You can clean every day, all day and still you won’t be able to penetrate those ‘out-of-reach’ areas. With electrostatic spraying, you reduce the time it takes to spread and cover and disinfect all surfaces, nooks, and crannies.

· Efficiency: Chemicals are applied much more controlled, efficient, and orderly.

· Saves costs in the long run: It improves infection control and the spread of viruses. A cleaner environment can offer long–term benefits such as cutting out costly medical expenses for treating contagious infections.


Continue with your regular cleaning

Electrostatic spraying is by no means a replacement for your regular cleaning methods at your workplace.

Electrostatic spraying is an ‘add-on’ to your cleaning, it is a stronger and more efficient means of cleaning. It is becoming a must-have method in all areas of business to kill off sickness-causing germs.

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